A new surface machining pattern has been added to the advanced 5-axis cycle. This can be very useful in Stone where the saw cuts can be extended to be just outside the sheet in order to prevent plunging of the saw. This is the Common Line Removal option which has been added to the dialog, enabling it to run automatically on CAD import. The order lists are associated with layer mapping setups and machining styles Rendered clamps and fixtures can also be shown on a full machine configuration. Another major aspect of new functionality has been added to Part Management, with full associativity between a part and its copy. An information message will be displayed informing you of the upgrade.

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When this dialog is closed, the width of cut is calculated in degrees and entered into the Degrees field. Reports can be designed by the user for the user, including company logo, barcode labels, etc.

A new surface machining pattern has been added to the advanced 5-axis cycle. Active Component indicated in Model Window. When using a saw to cut parts, the risk of fouling other parts is increased due to the size of the blade. Tabbed style dialogs have been introduced, and all strategies have Extents visualisation of the area to be cut with dynamic cut directions and start positions.

Alphacam Designer

Do you need more information? Steep and shallow areas of parts detected allowing for different strategies to be adopted, such as a smaller tool step-over in a steeper gradient to that used in a shallow area. Being able to create user configurable reports and labels improves both part and program traceability. Tabbed Style Dialogs Tabbed style dialogs have been introduced, and all strategies have Extents visualisation of the area to be cut with dynamic cut directions and start positions.


Alphacam | Release History

Flowline creates a toolpath aligned to either the U or V direction of the machining surface. Machining Styles functionality has been added to all Essential modules. Support tags can be added automatically to any contour tool path including 5-axisallowing the part pplus stay attached to the material being machined. The Quick Access Toolbar can be displayed above or below the ribbon bar and includes the most commonly used commands, such as Open and Save. Alphacam Clipboard Alphacam Clipboard enables entities to be cut, copied and pasted in the Drawing Area between different versions of the software open on the same PC.

Foul avoidance geometries appear in a new branch of the Operation tree, where geometries can be added or removed, and the selection remade. This means that small parts can be restricted to the area of maximum hold down e.

The latest release is the largest ever delivered by the Alphacam development team and a release they are very proud of.

And the new look File menu now includes a Recent Files page listing Alphacam and CAD parts files, displaying a preview image and their properties. New Option — Open with Drawing if note exists.

It can be applied to None or All of the selected machining geometries. When editing settings in the Machining Data tab of the Cylindrical Parallel dialog, the Drawing Area will update with a preview of the tool and holder, if applicable.


The resulting geometry is automatically configured for Auto-Z sawing.

Alphacam Product History

This avoids exiting the material with a full width of cut, which could cause damage to grained timber components due to the grain and cut directions. Integration of Planit 3D Machining Engine.

The offcut will be created under the correct sheet, matching the material and thickness, which can be viewed as Attributes on the sheet. In R1 they can now split the roll to the required dimensions for a specific machine bed.

Now included with all Mill, Router, Stone product levels at no additional cost! But Alphacam takes a group, or batch, of files and automates the alphacak processing of the parts. Now included with all product levels at no additional cost! Alphacam R1 Enhanced Simulation and Automation. Alphacam Part Modeler provides advanced modelling tools to create 3D parts or work holding systems such as chuck jaws or fixtures for accurate cutting simulation and collision detection within Alphacam.

The Input Cad Dialog now has a new “Assemblies” tab containing options to save and align every Solid Body to individual part files with configurable Save Location and Naming Conventions. Alphacam R2 also contains a range of general improvements, along with new user interface commands for faster and simpler ways of working.

As CNC machinery becomes more sophisticated Alphacam continues to develop automating the movement of pods, rails and clamps.