Monday, February 15, 7: Tuesday, May 11, Thanks so much for your help. I have exactly the same issue issue, but after reinstalling drivers a couple of times and trying older ones i have it working now but strangly the activity light stays on all the time and does not flicker when in use. I never said MS only has to develop the fixes but they do have to make it as compatible as possible by forming the fix database. Have you come a cross exactly this kind of issue?

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If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear then. The thing is though, something is happening that causes the driver to go. The hardware companies decide when they want to publish any new drivers needed for a new OS.

Also, your will be able to uses network devices i. If so, could you bcm943sx us collect the logs from elevated command prompt: Your “Disable HomeGroup” worked for me!! Wednesday, July 29, 3: Note that, the router UTStarcom has remained on throughout the process. Saturday, May 30, 1: I agree with other posters that the disconnect issue is driver related.


Download Broadcom Wireless b/g (BCMXX) Driver v Broadcom BCMMC

Why don’t you start a new thread. All of this sounds like driver problems. Wednesday, May 27, Notice that the wireless connection is enabled. I am having the same problem.

Wi-Fi Issues in Windows 7 build (RC) here.

Sunday, October 3, 3: OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit. OK i uninstalled the broadcom driver and did the scan hardware changes and it works Friday, May 22, 9: The one that help was uninstalling my Kaspersky Internet Security 9.

Maybe if I scratch my back with my left pinky while I hop around counterclockwise If you already have a Homegroup set up, try leaving it and setting it up again. But it works flawlessly So far!

The system is fully updated but the problem persists. I noticed that whenever my monitor went to sleep, the wireless network would disconnect even though all the windows power savings settings were disabled. I know is just a RC, but it never happen in the beta, so i don’t know why it broke up after Thursday, October 8, 3: Router reports internet connection as well.


This did not happen when the exact same hardware set up was running Vista. I need to find a Broadcom Saturday, December 19, 1: However, I do NOT use sleep.

Broadcom Wireless 802.11b/g (BCM943XX) Driver v.

I know you shouldnt have to. I hope you can bcm943xd, as I just checked and that is th only one I need now!

Which i did afterwards i rebooted my laptop, when i restarted my computer it worked!