The lack of information about this on the Delorme site led me to suspect that the device was only functional under subscription. Had I been injured the Inreach would have been completely useless. Do you know if I can purchase a replacement? But this is frustrating. I do have the Explorer connected to the app via Bluetooth. Bruce January 16, at 2: Thanks again for your insight on the Explorer.

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Any answers out there to resolve these seeming issues?

Two reasons to buy the DeLorme inReach Explorer over the SE

I guess my thought is that when it will no longer hold a charge and since the battery cannot be replaced then the unit becomes useless. Pairs with Mobile App. Two weeks ago I spent 8 days in a remote region again with no cell phone or internet connectivity.

Bruce January 16, at The screen size and resolution poorly represents the inReach brand. No mention of repair anywhere and chat is not available or you have to wait an hour for a response.

For a hiker or backpacker who does not own a smartphone, or who wants to save weight by leaving their handheld GPS unit or smartphone at home, the Explorer eelhorme offer all the functionality they need.


Receiving messages from the outside world was a wonderful thing, with the pricing of my plan it was perfect. Chip Noble from DeLorme here. But rather than a dedicated GPS, use a dslhorme app like Gaia. Only ever having used the Explorer, I am unable to comment on the SE. I love using the system through the phone app.

Jim Thode May 1, at Lack of reading all of what you need to read is your problem! Two-way Messaging Garmin products that include inReach technology are designed to keep you connected. Although the fact that the new unit does not require an active subscription to use the GPS while the Delorme one requires an active subscription. This is unchanged from the current inReach. However, the system did not take the change, I did not double check to see if it had updated.

DeLorme Car GPS Tracking Devices for sale | eBay

Andrew Skurka July 18, at Andrew Skurka is an accomplished de,horme athlete, speaker, guide, and writer. Thanks for your support. When I take off on a hike I can enable tracking which pinpoints my location on a map at designated intervals10 min, 20min etc. At a minimum, I suppose that one way to turn off the tracking is to turn off the te-20. With inReach satellite technology from Garmin and a satellite subscription, you can stay in touch globally.

The increase is due to the larger screen, buttons, and battery. Maybe a keyboard could be offered as an accessory? Given growing competition, Garmin may need to speed up the development here a bit to keep up.


12 FAQ’s: inReach SE+ & Explorer+ || Incl, Will old devices be serviced?

The year-old is most well known for his solo long-distance backpacking trips. It has preformed flawlessly in extreme and adverse conditions. Dave August 3, at Your articles are celhorme i think Garmin havent done enough,probably most people will not buy it rhe older one is abkut the same ,but when its embeded in 64 for example it will be great.

Your the type of person who stands up for someone who returned a dead Christmas tree!

Walt March 9, at 9: Is it really that simple? I used to be a fan of the Spot system, but the lack of being able to have positive confirmation that my message was sent always left me a bit worried.

The Iridium satellite network lets you send and receive custom and preset text messages or emails and then get a response back.