Well there is no such that as 0 latency , but you would think the DigiDesign Rack had 0 latency with how well it worked! It’s not incredible, but not many of its kind are. I have slowly upgraded my interfaces, and haven’t tried any that are around this price range other than this one. They are also identified pretty easily, which is good for me since I use larger boards in a studio. I can’t speak to how well it works with a PC, but from what I hear, anything and everything is more difficult to use with a PC when you’re dealing with ProTools, so I doubt this would be any different.

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Basically, I bought the rack digiedsign that I could run Pro Tools. Everything tends to be pretty stable. I never had a need to consult the manual, so I cannot comment.

Digi and Drivers

Very powerful tool right here! I use it with my MacBook Pro and it works well. What characteristics have motivated your choice?

I wish I could have this at my house! I tried to use it to program my FCB, however the rack wouldn’t recognize it. For these ends, it’s great.

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Sort by most recent most useful. I have slowly upgraded my interfaces, and haven’t tried any that are around this price range other than this one.


Log in Become a member. No worries regarding updates either, except the price asked by Avid extravagant enough to move from 8LE to 9HD which, remember, was the first version to be able to use the HD without all have dihidesign hardwareand then to the 9HD 10HD I used this unit on lone from a friend, and as great as it is I can’t really see paying full price for it.

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Digidesign does create other audio interfaces that can be used on several platforms though. But with a newbie it could be an issue getting started. This problem is more topical today because ProTools is quite capable of running on any interface, whatever its manufacturer.

Although I wish it had more built in pre-amps, it does everything I really need it to do most of which is to run Pro Tools with. Simple enough that I did not need the manual. In most cases and for most users, the Digi is fitted satisfactorily and allows recordings of excellent quality without using the additional gear.

The issue of latency is however the biggest flaw of this interface is not better than other interfaces digiesign cheaper, and for this price you can find better eg Dihidesign.

Originally posted on FutureProducers. But there is also the “Low Latency Monitoring” ProTools allows to comfortably work with this interface. I do suggest getting the actual Digital Mixing Console board over the rack though, it will come in handy later down the road.


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I am not too sure if you can use it on a different DAW though. Probably the best interface of I have every worked on. The great thing about this interface digdesign that it is affordable, there are not many interfaces that are great with PC or with MAC that run on Fire wire and are made for pro tools. Flawless on that side I only have ProTools on my Mac.

Digidesign Digi Rack 002 MX002RK Recording Interface as Is

No complaints at all with this one! Since this rack is pretty much made for Pro Tools it makes it really easy to configure digifesign to set it up and start using it right away. I haven’t had a need to ever look at the manual as it was easy enough to figure out.

It’s compatible with Pro Tools and it doesn’t cause my computer any problems.