Alternate 64 bit driver: But after later upgraded to kernel 2. Tested with Mandrake This card is in the miniPCI slot of the Inspiron INF and change all references to the pci-id 10ec: Make sure you have at least version 1.

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Tested with Slackware Tested on debian unstable with Ndiswrapper 0. This has been fixed in ndiswrapper 1.

[How-To] Alternatives of Samsung WiFi Link Stick – SamyGO

I used the new driver version 3. Its available at ftp: Also got WPA working.

The only driverversion which works with this card is v1. I use D-Link drivers, and they works fine for me, better than Realtek drivers.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

I happen to have one and it works fine. Win2K driver from ftp: Did not use the driver that HP provides for this particular model.


The version of ndiswrapper that comes with dapper will eventually fail if using an SMP kernel with either of these drivers. Is it too early to fill report at http: Successfully tested on Gentoo Worked immediately with the ndiswrapper 1. Tested on Ubuntu 6. May also be found at http: The adaptor works again. No madwifi support yet.

Only tested with 1. As you may know, it doesn’t work natively with Digitua, but here are some useful facts: Use ndiswrapper and net Tested with Fedora Core 2, Ndiswrapper 0. You need to install it on a Windows box to copy the files rt The latest RaLink Linux driver version 1. Code tags for kernel modules info.

Reported success on Marvell entry. This device was able to work with dn-7003rg version 1. Look at my other projects: Have to replug the card after a suspend to disk. Use driver for Netgear MAv1 from ftp: Works in Debian Sarge with precompiled 2. EXE driver does not work for Kubuntu 6. I have no idea why the listed PCI digitud the same Using Aptitude to instaill the ndiswrapper and start working immediately with kenerl 2.