But also I think the relevant patent already expired or may be expiring soon, so hopefully we’ll start seeing new FFB sticks within a couple of years. For now i am pleased with my setup and Track IR 4 Pro. This is not acceptable. It could have been the best force feedback joystick ever made. No need for a powered USB hub, no need to eat up a row of 3 usb ports. Dodgy switches, spiking pots after a very short time, and for me personally too much spring tension.

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The overheating problem is documented by others in the Logitech forums but is not universal. Saitek X52 Pro Posted on Jan 1, It sort of makes sense in a weird way, because the right pedal moves back at the same time. Log in or sign up in seconds.

I read a review that they were very lightweight and bent easily. You get to simulate the functionalities of a genuine cockpit with the programmable buttons that illuminates green, yellow, or red to indicate the status of the craft.

The FF works very well and the motors are amazingly powerful. Submit a new link.


Looking for Planet Coaster support? This is not really a review but just my feelings after a month with the G The action is very smooth and accurate. When it stops, you can watch him start sweating.

The second issue was the rudder pedals.

Logitech G () Flight Simulator | eBay

We have this issue on all axes. Do keep us updated, though! Just got my hands on a used G set. Mmmm… I Guess what I was trying to explain is that there is very little force around the G joystick’s centre position, so it is quite easy to hold in some down elevator to keep the tail heavy aircraft level. About this product Product Information Go beyond standard controls and dive into a more sophisticated approach to gaming.

Logitech G940 (942-000011) Flight Simulator

A few of the controls I’m using through the Logitech profiler so lgitech certain buttons and hats will emulate keyboard presses ; I use this especially to utilize the mode select buttons. Tension is also adjustable via a wheel on the underside. I have gone to the Profiler They’re mapped to an analogue hat “mini joy”.

I have flown flight sims for many years and tested many, many settings to overcome the issues that persisted but to no avail. I have done a forum search and found no threads specifically on the G Correction for axis 0 is broken line, precision is 3. I’ve got both FA and throttle reverse on my throttle keys.


Logitech Flight System G940

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I’m really enjoying the G Or is it fixed? The Logitech g joystick as mentioned has force feedback. You will need to ensure FG recognises all three devices, or two if throttle is just an extension of the joystick. Do You already have some experience with it and do You have an xml for it? Or, from anyone that’s currently using it as it is – is it really worth it? Can I just ask then: Show More Show Less. Guy Ps I still don’t know how to use a quote from a previous post in my current post?