I want to say a belated thank you for your review. The new one is very flat. Gwarmi , Apr 22, In a few cases, though, they can make one believe that one has felt something. Yeah, many on head-fi. But I’ve stopped looking. In the s it manufactured phono cartridges, turntables, and speakers.

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The LCD-2 falls behind both headphones when it comes gradp depth, width, and instrumental separation, at least in my plane of view. For Pwerful effortlessly dynamic the midrange detail is superb beautifully built. I rather much liked the weight because although I was aware of their presence, it was a positive awareness, where I wouldn’t be inclined to just swing my head aggressively and perhaps launch the headphones into orbit.

I was trying to keep the review under paragraphs, but that wasn’t the case, as you can tell. Grado has taken all their knowledge and years of experience in controlling resonances and eliminating distortions and this has culminated in the development of their finest headphone ever, the PS To get a similar level of performance from speakers would cost 10 times as much.

Jack 6,3 mm Incluye regalo adaptador de 6,3 a 3,5 mm y cable alargador 4,5 m. This is due to the occasional and completely inexplicable ‘icepick through the brain’ factor. One feature that is the same is the distinctive earcups; large foam-rubber affairs which are comfortable in terms of both pressure on the head and ‘aural claustrophobia’ — there is very little sensation of the ears being closed in.


The Grado PSe is heavy grand you will need to keep your head very still while listening to it, or else it will feel like a large bowl of water sitting on your gradl with the water sloshing around. I have always enjoyed the wonderful deep resonating bass of the PS1’s but sometimes missed the extremely hard-hitting nature of the bass notes from the HP’s.

Review Sections Review Specs.

The PS has a much different soundstage. Eventually that spot was ceded to the Statement Series GS-1i.

The PSs’ earcups certainly feel remarkably solid and px1000, desirable qualities for speaker cabinets and apparently for headphones.

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I will not explain how it sounds in detail because it is beyond words. DT48 with oval pads needs a lot of work. The emphasis is ear, not ps100 candy. Since the forward nature of the PS sucks out the space and the imaging capabilities, you might be blinded by what the PS can achieve.

Grado Labs – PSe

Sonic Musings As I began initial testing of the PS, I noticed something that struck me as being a very odd characteristic for such a detail enveloped and bright sounding headphone, and that was the bass quality. I have never heard better bass than when listening to Grados. We’ve commented before in these pages grqdo, up to a point, one can easily live with a degree of coloration in sound because one gets accustomed to it and filters it out.

For many long years, Grado’s Mahogany-encased RS-1 from the Reference Series ruled the roost as the best Grado on the high grqdo of the line.


Grado is not a site advertiser, all pictures are property of their owners not made by HFN and all Italic parts are by my hand Lieven. If you are looking for the “standard” Grado sound, you will be surprised, and maybe disappointed, because they do not have the immediacy that characterizes the SR60i through the RS1i. Srajan Ebaen Financial Interests: Hope there will be blogs where people have written about this. It’s far from fashionable however. Like the midrange presence, the PS sits right in between except for forwardness the HD and LCD-2 in terms of treble quantity and quality.

Grado PS | TechRadar

I researched the PS series before buying, and what I remember is, many users who had both the original PS and the PSe reported that the sound changed dramatically between the PS and PSe.

My default answer then would be: Thanks for the review.

They’re open-back headphones, so you can easily hear external sound around you. Our Verdict They justify their price with a simply astonishing sound.

Yet, if one were to ask me, Jason, which headphone would you keep if you could only have one? Both own various flagship phones, btw.