Best Regards A A Saboury. For this reason I will come from California to shake your hand and congratulate you personaly and tell you how proud I am to see you achive what you set out to do. I think we must be about the same age and I also immigrated to the U. Anoosheh joon, Saw you on Oprah and you looked fantastic and spoke so eloquently. Comment by John — October 22, 1: Comment by George Kovacs — October 17, 5: I just hope, that you take some time, before your trip to space sort of fade away and write a book about your experience.

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The interview was very short, Opera was sort of clueless about a lot of things. Dear Anousheh, You done the correct thing. I want Anosheh to know how proud i am of what she did. I LOVE the messages that you were sending from the space. I hope you will continue making public appearances and taking your message to more people around the world and I hope more people will see our world through your eyes cherishing our earth as a beautiful, peaceful planet and trying to preserve it as such.

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Cabdriver Irisfestivalen Lennart Andersson 4 years ago. Anousheh, All I can think of to say is, well done! You are an inspiration to us all, and you could do MUCH to ease all this rediculous tension and fighting in the world.


He currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Please never stop writing to us. Anousheh, you did a great job, and I hope to see more of your story on the small screen in the future. Anousheh seemed very happy and in good health, and looked very, very good. Comment by Behrouz ajousheh October 17, 1: Comment by mohsen pooraria — October 22, 1: When I hear that you are come back to erth I felt so proud and I think that all peaple know iranian is not terorist or killer. Congragulations on your successful flight to space.

Comment by James Dunn — October 12, 3: I thought maybe you could create a new gmail or yahoo account for the fans: I cried happy tears with my mother and grandmother out of pride of your journey and courage. Comment by nooshdaroo — October 13, I wish you continue writing about your amazing trip … I can feel it…there must be many things in your mind for us.

You are so humble…I cannot get over it! Thanks and Regards, Manju S.

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Comment by Niloofar — October 13, 9: Only thing I can say is that for the time being we should take very good care of our only home, Earth, as you mentioned it in your interview. Listening, discussing, reaching compromise, tending a helpful hand. Remember your video choices. Is this a real problem that Cosmonauts and Astronauts are concerned with?


Comment by hames — October 15, 7: Again… thank you for all you have done to share your experiences with the world. Your responses would be appreciated. However, I know this is of insolence to decide about your asset; please take it as only a suggestion….

Meanwhile it makes Anousheh much more favorite to more intellectual and intelligent groups. One of the early flights, I suppose. Did you know that space research helps figure out changes in soil conditions and environment and ways of preventing crop damage?

Rem Koolhaas We have recently learned that the Office for Metropolitan Architecture OMA has been commissioned to develop a design for a projected development on a prime sea-front location in Beirut Lebanon: The practice of tatbir is debated among Shiites and many respected clerics have spoken against it.