Any printer shipped with or , or any printer that has been upgraded with or can have the Additional Customer Changeable Developer features or installed with it. These templates can be used by clients with Microsoft Excel to provide the basic tools needed to organize, analyze, and display the operational data. A wide range of outline font type styles in a variety of language families are also available as resident fonts on the ‘s hard disk. The first group of pre-and post-processing devices require an interface that essentially passes basic communication and electrical signals from the printer controller and the pre-or post-processing device. A wide range of outline font type styles in a variety of language families are also available as resident fonts on the ‘s hard disk. Each page can be a distinct size and sequenced, rotated and positioned as you wish.

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The printer sends operational data to the server so that a database of operational data can be built. These devices require the Advanced Function Post-processing Interface, feature code Edge smoothing is the reduction of the “stair-stepping” appearance of diagonal lines.

These converters are commonly plugged onto the end of a longer cable to adapt the connector type of the cable to the connector type of the attachment feature. A drum return plan has been implemented to ensure the used drums are returned to the manufacturer.

IBM Infoprint MICR Series Continuous Forms | Argecy

Ifnoprint that this feature must be installed to disable the standard stacker for these form lengths. New Operator Control Feature A second host trying to assign the printer will be denied access with a notice that the printer is assigned elsewhere.

With the availability of these features, you now have a wide variety of cable and converter features to choose from depending upon the configuration of your servers and network. The following items, available from IBM, are included in the price of the printer if a parallel channel attachment is specified: Along with the immediate improvements, this new design will allow for a continuing rollout of improved help functions, printer management functions, and future GUI improvements.


IBM InfoPrint 4000 Supplies

The actual height may be operator adjusted to limit the weight of the output stack of paper. If these conditions are not met, inffoprint Multi-Host Environment is enabled on the printer, PSF may not be able to access the printer.

These features add the ability to use the Infoprint or ‘s Customer Changeable Developer CCD to print two types of applications on duplex printers: These features do not carry an additional monthly maintenance or usage charge.

If the form identification barcode specified in the Define Form configuration does not match the form identification number specified by the VFYSETUP, then the host will not send the job to the printer.

For example, three pages can be placed on the front jnfoprint and five pages on the back side; or a more extreme example would be, all eight pages placed on the back side with nothing on the front side. Order supplies for the printer before the system is delivered and maintain stock for continuous operation. There is a standard splicing station to minimize waste and increase operator efficiency.

Many Authorized Supplies Dealers offer supply agreements.

IBM InfoPrint 4000 IS1 Supplies

It also includes the extra exposure of single-pel features. Infoprint Operator Control allows your operator to store the critical printer parameters through the Infoprint Operations Architecture at the printer and then invoke them when the operator assigns a specific Form Definition at the printer. This feature comes with one developer cart standard. Previously, this feature had a prerequisite of Infoprint Operator Control Font sizes from 4 to 72 points approximately 1-inch high are supported.


A keyboard and mouse are also provided to assist the operator with input functions. Dynamic channel switching is not supported between “mixed” attachments that is between parallel and ESCON channels. Blue and Green CCDs are now available for both the Infoprint and families to enable printing simplex jobs with a hi-lite colour or duplex jobs with one side printed in an opposing colour.

When a printer runs low on a supply item, it displays a status message on the touchscreen, sounds an alarm and turns on the operator alert light on top of jnfoprint printer.

Maintenance supply items may also be purchased directly from Lexmark.

Existing attachment features will still be available for customers who wish to add attachment features to presently installed bit AFCCUs. This cord is 4. If these conditions are not met, and Multi-Host Environment is enabled on the printer, PSF may not be able to access the printer.

The preferred go to market offerings are ServiceElect and ServiceSuite. Fiber-optic trunks terminated in distribution panels are recommended in large single-room data centers, multiple-room data centers, multiple-floor data centers, and ib, data centers spread among buildings.

You will need to provide the seven-digit part number or the machine model number and supply type, for example, IBM Infoprint IS1.

Partitions are not used and pages can even overlap each other.