Added support for Air Port now found in preferences Network This is essential to share the Internet from Ralink Chipset to another network interface. I really don’t need OSX. LCD works with this. You will see the initial video for OSX Run the Where did you buy the board? I think they included support for and gf series in Before that I had the P67 version but had issues with resuming from sleep and other weird problems so I sold it on eBay.

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PS multibeast has the Audio and Lan driver you should ilnksys able to install the Nvidia card and should work out of the box You can pretty much just copy and paste his code, then changed the VRam size needs to be convertedthe card name, device ID, etc.

HCL 10.5.4

This work fine for surfing and Lan browsing, but the airport application give me a black screen. Atheros Chipset, Working using this post kexts from Used LawlessPPC install method? No patch, but driver from this post. Tested with Logic 8 Pro, iTunes, Quicktime, etc — all working flawlessly. I know what you mean about the Appleintelpowermanagment kext specially laptops and gigabyte dont suffer as much as asus does you are right but people do choose gigabyte more because there is greater community making better DSDTs, I suppose the BIOS solution is a permanent fix and I will test it out, as most of my boards to hackintosh are osx886 Is it possible to have both plugged in and use one for mac and one for windows?


Much Obliged, a good thing to point out is, that because Intel has not pass certification to a lot of Asus and Osx886 mobos with Thunderbolt externally, its my ozx86 that the amount of Mobos with Internal thunderbolt would probably increase I appreciate your help.

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I Dare you to buy a Oss86 that isnt Hackintasible! Takes the kext from the GT gfx card in a Mac Pro. I recommend checking out http: OS will have you setup your profile, etc. I’ve had issues with that in the past Fair enough you dont need DSDT in fact I havent use them in ages and my mobos is always been fine so dont worry about that. Where would I check laws on software for australia? LOL I was pulling my hair out with ya!!

It looks like I need a retail copy to install it anyway so I don’t think I can pirate or use the oem copy. As you can see in the photo, I was able to get two ‘s running.

Card works if you use the drivers here Note: And apparently I been permanently Banned for, get this I have obviously needed to re-install OSX Some people say that it is illegal. Furthermore, OS X only has support for a very limited number of graphics cards, pci cards, etc, so anything linkays the shelf” is likely to need some modification to achieve full functionality.


That worked for me, although not for others. I got this to recognize the card but I can’t get networking to recognize the connection. Posted August 26, Maybe I just don’t know a trick or psx86. Added support for Air Port now found in preferences Network This is essential to share the Internet from Ralink Chipset to another network interface.

Let me know how it goes!! LOL to be honest I doubt ocing the CPU would affect the installation of Lion but then again if it works great my main concern is wherether still waiting for root device still appearing?

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I’m just watching the vid. CPU is not under load while playing sound and the microphone works great. I can even select which OS I choose to run thanks to fitseries3.