Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. But if you go for the airguns, you can sell the shotgun ammo and instead buy ammo for them. It is actually overpowered to a point where one can reliably murder every single person in levels like Dry, Outpost, Frontline or Black Station without ever raising an alarm or even a bit of suspicion. In the other hand, in Normal mode enemies are bullet sponges as you are and it’s not fun at all. Don’t have an account? Like the Tihar, the Hellbreath will make sound while fully charged but it will be sparks instead of air leaking out. Tearing apart maybe spoilers?

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It’s silent, which is always good. Not sure about the sell price though, its 40 rounds on survival. This gun can effectively be used in any situation except situations that require stealth or where there are many weak enemies like amoebas.

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? I think it will be fun to kill librarians with the duplet, but might be quite challenging because of the reload times.

What is the best gun in Metro 2033?

Always spawns like that. Skaara Dreadlocks Tha Baws. View More Photo Galleries.

That is the one drawback, yes. Most of my time is spread between the Hellsing and the revolver. And would the Hellsing not be quite risky? The only stealth gun I had any success with was that pnumatic sniper rifle, and that was heleing good for those situations where you could remain unseen.


Combat is more deadly for everyone, player included.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Free weapon / Military Ammo saving guide – Survivor Hardcore – Redux

At this point you should simply be using the AK with military grade rounds anyway, but Submissions must be related to Metro 2. Lochlan66 Lochlan66 5 years ago 7 Hey I’m using the helsing it’s a good weapon when your down on ammo or use stealth, the problem is it just doesn’t want to shoot this is really pissing me off now as I’ve upgrading the pressure to try get it working.

This still leaves it as one of the best stealth weapons in the game. So my questions are these this: On the other hand, the heavy auto shotgun is a beast.

Just keep pumping it until he stops. I just started a new game and lost my Volt Driver, that thing is awesome. helssing

Do you already have an account? Weapons of Metro Exodus. Thus it is possible to carry two or three weapons of the oor type, which you cannot in Metro At sparta I changed my bastard for a Kalash and everything worked fine like usual. You must go up some stairs, and then turning right across a small bridge.

Metro pneumatic gun making me go CRAZY (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) – EVGA Forums

Its laser sight and easily visible magazine capacity negates the HUD removal disadvantage of hardcore mode.


The Helsing’s arrows have a short travel time as well as a notable dip to their trajectories at extreme range even fully-pressurizedmade worse by a tendency to drift slightly at mid-to-long-range. The Helsing with scope cannot be salvaged; it can only be purchased in Armory station and it costs a bundle – 87 MGR if you have a scope-less Helsing to trade in at the weapon shop. In hardcore mode bullets do indeed more damage.

I will in general only mention weapons that are available to be picked up directly from the environment and will only mention weapons dropped by fallen enemies as an exception and if the enemies are easy to knock out stealthily without raising an alarm.

I don’t like the Volt Driver, nor any Pneumatic Weapon. If you pump to red you get a more powerful shot, but it won’t hold the over-charge long. Heavy weapons like the Gatling are only used in the direst situations. The arrows are mostly found on walls, target ranges, or sometimes, windowsills and other Helsings.